Rubber/elastomer flexible connectors have been specified and used for many years by consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, pressure vessel designers, plant engineers and turn-key construction firms. They are installed to accommodate movement in piping runs, protect piping from expansion and contraction.




RJ1 (download:  RJ1-Tozenflex)

Tozenflex is single sphere type rubber connectors, and made of EPDM. Available sizes are from 40mm to 300mm. Maximum working pressure is 16 bar for all sizes. FCD ANSI 150 and JIS 10K floating flanges are standard onnectors to Tozenflex. Other materials and drilling standards of floating flanges can be supplied upon request. Tozenflex is commonly suggested for piping systems in general building and industrial services.


Multilayer and monolayer textile expansion joints Circular, rectangular and conical execution, from circular to rectangular or in other shapes. Temperature from -65 degree C until 1400 degree C MANUFACTURED WITH ONLY ECOLOGICAL VIRGIN AND NO-REPROCESSED MATERIALS ONLY, ASBESTOS AND SILICONE FREE


FJT (download : FJT series  )

Non-metallic Expansion Joint :

In addition to fabric expansion joint also specialised in other non-metallic expansion joint. Non metallic expansion joints made in elastomer material (EPDM – Butyl – Silicone and others) Fluoroelastomer (Viton BTM) and Fluoropolymer (TeflonTM – LFPTM) Circular, rectangular geometry and/or other shapes. MANUFACTURED WITH ECOLOGICAL VIRGIN AND NO-REPROCESSED MATERIAL ONLY, ASBESTOS AND SILICONE FREE